Let JD take these inner wisdoms from physical and non physical guides to create a new outcome in your life. Sharing these joys has always been a life’s passion for him.
Growing up as an only child JD was often thought of as a brother by everyone he met along the way. His ability to remain calm in many situations allows others to talk to him so openly wherever he goes.

Family connections provide him with strong Grandmother Energy from both sides. One of his Grandfathers’s even said you had to be careful what Grandmother would say because it often came true! He is very excited to experience their guidance throughout the rest of his journey, After all Love and Light never cease even after crossing over. We’re Eternal!

JD has had many premonition filled dreams unlocking various mysteries like
9/11, Michigan Bridge, and even the capture of Saddam Hussein! He knew 6 years before he WAS found that Saddam would be hiding in an “underground bunker”.

He discovered this premonition AFTER Sadam was caught and he found a poem he wrote about Sadam’s capture!

He continues to receive messages through his dreams and believes that “listening” to the messages within them will help him better assist others on their journey.

Gemstones of experience and adversity have also reminded him that Abundance is ever present even when someone passes. JD has always felt that heaven’s concept can have no boundaries between the physical and the spiritual.